Showcase of Wedding & Event Websites 2019

Jason Houston

Jason is a Front-End Web Developer, Designer, SEO Consultant, and owner of Complete Web. He has 15 years experience working in website development. For new site work you can reach Jason here.

Wedding and Event Website Showcase 2019

Typically in our discovery process for new website design & development we like to explore the web to find great examples of websites in the same industry as the current project. This give us inspiration and allows us to stay up to date and stay ahead of any current trends. Below is a list of Wedding & Event style websites that caught our eye for this year.

Italian Weddings & Events

Homepage Screenshot – Click to visit website

This is an impressive wedding planner website that almost feels like an expensive wedding invitation. This website is well designed with a great autoplay background video that really brings you into what this wedding planner can produce. This website was designed and developed by and amazing duo designer / developer combo of Ashley and Malone.

Overall this site is amazing with the smallest attention to detail.

Bob Gail Events – Los Angeles

Bob Gail Events Website Screenshot

Another amazing website by Ashley and Malone.

Great use of color tone here and excellent attention to detail. The messaging and branding of this website are on point. Overall very professional first impression for this business.

Whim Events Boston

Whim Events - Wedding & Event Website Design

Great use of images and good use of white space. Clean, simple layout that expresses the style of this event planner. This website was created with Flothemes for WordPress.

Handy & Dallaire Events Nantucket

In many cases, it is the photos that make the website. Remove the photos or replace the photos with bad ones and the site is completely different.

Along with great use of imagery, this site has a great layout of content.

Yoj Event Planning

Event and Wedding Planner website design Showcase - Yoj Event Planning

Nice use of image filters and good attention to detail for this Event Planner website. Site design by Whitefox Design Studio using WIX.

RGI Events

Good clean header and we like how they made use of the newsletter signup at the bottom of the page.

Taylor & HOV

Taylor & HOV website screenshot

A nice video background can go a long way. Typically only applied for desktop with fast connections the video keeps users on your site and tells the story much better than a single image.

Simply Breath Events

Simply Breath Events website screenshot of the homepage

Clean and to the point. Nice attention to detail with good use for the right top side of the header to explain exactly what the site is about. Website Design by DAVEY & KRISTA.

Two Kindred Event Planners

Two Kindred Event Planners website screenshot.

Sometimes, simplicity is bliss. It is very easy to overdue things especially with a website. The temptation to pack a site with bells and whistles, signups, pop-ups and such happens all too often. This website is a breath of fresh air and gets right to the point.

Ashley Douglass Events

Ashley Douglass Events website screenshot

Many of these sites follow a similar design style. This site has great use of fonts, images, whitespace, and content. Design by Katie Fischer Design.

Beth Helmstetter Events

Beth Helmstetter Events website screenshot

Amazing design details with this example. Very well done. If the event planner pays this much attention to detail with their website, you can only imagine the quality of work they would provide for your next wedding or event.