Stingtings™ Jellyfish Sting Relief Kit

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Client: Stingtings™ Jellyfish Sting Relief Kit

Launched: February 6, 2023

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    This project uses a custom design created solely for the use of this website. We did not select a pre-designed template. At times, templates are fine to use for certain cases but we like to deliver an experience and a product that is completely original and that fits the client's brand exactly.
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    <p style="text-align: left;">This website is equipped with a complete E-commerce platform. This client has full control of their online storefront and is able to add on any tool that can help benifit their store.</p>
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    We have worked with a majority of E-commerce platforms and Shopify is the platform of choice of us as the developer and for our clients. Shopify has come a long way over the years and what this company has built is a superb E-commerce system. Secure, reliable, and versatile. We custom develop our Shopify themes for a lightweight, custom website that is SEO optimized.
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    Being found in organic search is an important factor for this company. We implement the best SEO practices in order to maintain current rank for all relevant keywords. We then build upon and grow their organic rank long term.  

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